Pregnancy Support

While pregnancy can be a joyful time emotionally, it can also be strenuous on the body physically. The changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy can predispose the body to pain and discomfort. Common symptoms that we treat include:

Low Back Pain

Posture changes as well as a stretched and weakened abdominal wall from a growing belly can potentially lead to back pain. Learning good body mechanics and how to incorporate our pelvic floor and core together with activities such as lifting or during exercise can help alleviate your symptoms.

Pubic or Groin Pain

Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction is pain mostly around the pubic area and worsened with certain weight-bearing activities such as climbing steps, getting in and out of a car, exercises such as lunges and even turning in bed. It can also radiate to the upper thighs, vagina, and perineum.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

This is pain that initiates in the butt, but can also refer to the hip, groin or leg. Symptoms can be worse with walking, stair climbing or prolonged standing. Soft tissue massage, exercises to help support the area as well as incorporating the right kind of pregnancy belt can make a big difference.

Hip Joint Pain

In some cases, weight gain from the pregnancy itself can lead to hip pain and is felt with weight-bearing exercises or just while walking or standing. In other cases, pressure from lying on your side can cause hip pain. Soft tissue massage along with stretches and exercises can help.


This is the nerve that is located along the piriformis muscle which is found in your glut or butt muscles. This may feel like a line of pain from the butt down into the back of the leg. An evaluation will be performed on the back as well to help rule out any other nerve involvement such as disc or referred pain from the back or lumbar spine.

Neck Pain/Thoracic Spine Dysfunction or Pain

Sometimes faulty postures during pregnancy can lead to muscle strains in other parts of the body, such as the upper mid-back or neck.

Urinary Leakage

Pressure from the baby on the bladder can make you have to go to the bathroom a lot. It can also make you pee when you sneeze, cough, laugh or during exercise. Learn how to do kegels correctly to help brace yourself when you feel a sneeze coming, as well as changing any habits such as holding your breath that could also be promoting leakage.

Although these issues are considered “normal” symptoms of pregnancy, you do not have to live with them. You deserve to enjoy your pregnancy, not put up with aches and pain along the way!

Additional Support

We offer our expecting patients guidance in these areas, in addition to traditional prenatal physical therapy offerings:

Ways to adapt your exercise routine while pregnant to help keep your pelvic floor strong but also protect it from excessive strain such as with weight lifting or HIIT exercises

Learn ways to help minimize the amount of intra-abdominal pressure with a Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) We cannot prevent a Diastasis, but we can avoid the exercises and movements that might make it worse over time.

We can also give recommendations on how to make labor and delivery easier by suggesting certain positions to labor, pending doctor approval of course.

Perineal massage can also be taught which involves the pregnant client or partner learning how to massage the perineum around the vagina to help prepare for childbirth.  The intention is to prevent the use of forceps or potential tearing or episiotomy to promote less damage to the pelvic floor during delivery.

Provide you with a 6-week post-baby plan specific for you. You may not be cleared for exercise until the 6-week mark, but you can learn ways to incorporate the pelvic floor with gentle motions such as bed mobility or heavier tasks such as lifting a stroller. If you are planned for a c-section, we can discuss ways to facilitate healing.

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Client Love

“I worked with Camille throughout my second pregnancy. She made me feel comfortable and each session was tailored to what I needed at that stage of pregnancy. She gave me a variety of exercises to help me strengthen my body and also educated me on things I could do to help my body prepare for birth. The soft tissue work she did alleviated my pain and allowed more mobility, even in the third trimester. I highly recommend her to both pregnant and postpartum mamas.”

“Camille was my “MVP” during both of my pregnancies. She was able to help reduce my back, hip and pubic symphysis pain so I was able to work as a nurse up until my deliveries. I will be following up with Camille soon for postpartum care once I am cleared at my 6 week check up!”

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