Postpartum Power Up

Postpartum Power Up is a program for all moms out there, whether you had a baby last month or 10 years ago. Postpartum is not just talking about new moms, it’s moms of all ages.

Can you relate to any of the following…

Do you experience painful intercourse?

When you sneeze you leak a few drops but tell yourself it’s no big deal?

Have a diastasis (separation of the abdominals) and want to learn how to “fix” it?  

Want to get back to your normal routine of exercise, but not sure where to start?

Have experienced leakage during exercise?

Having episodes of low back or pelvic pain that is interfering with your activity level?

While these issues can be common, they should never be accepted as normal. Unfortunately Moms live with issues too long before they realize help is available. 

Moms deserve better care.

If only Moms could be educated and referred to a pelvic floor therapist after having a baby, these issues could be addressed early on. This is what Postpartum Power Up is about, empowering women with the confidence and skills to make good decisions about how to heal their post baby bodies. 

The postpartum phase with a new baby is such a happy time yet can be so exhausting. Those little ones need so much of our attention that any thought of care for ourselves goes to the back burner. This is the time that Moms need the most support, not just physically but encouragement as well. 

Postpartum Power Up is about giving Moms the blueprint they need to return to the activities they love. There should be a progression in the postpartum period with certain exercises to get you back to what you want to do, safely without adding risks of further pain or pelvic floor dysfunction.

Coming Soon

Summer of 2023 Postpartum Power Up will be adding a membership site for Moms!

Membership Overview

The membership will not only continue to give Moms an ongoing platform for further strengthening but help give Moms the tools they need to thrive during this time of their life. No more living on the back burner!

The membership is considered a wellness program and will not be given receipts for insurance reimbursement as a Physical Therapy service.

Membership Includes

The membership program will include new exercises as an ongoing basis, a library of information for Moms such as nutritional advice, breastfeeding positions, body mechanics with baby, ways to keep up your energy, etc. We will spotlight a monthly healthy habit to focus on as well as monthly meetings in a group format to answer any questions. There may even be an occasional “girls night out” so we can kick up our heels a bit and have a fun night to ourselves every now and then!

Founding Member Launch

If you are interested in becoming part of our “founding members launch” for this program please give us a call.  Moms will be required to attend at least 3 in person physical therapy visits, including the initial evaluation, before joining the membership to make sure there is good carryover with technique and form with exercises. We also want to take care of any pelvic floor issue or pain you may be having before being admitted to the membership program.

Criteria to join the membership program:
  • Minimal to no complaints of pain
  • No significant reports of prolapse symptoms during exercise
  • Leakage episodes are minimal with reports of symptoms improving overall
  • 3 in-person physical therapy visits

Of course Moms can always forgo the membership program and continue to be seen for one on one skilled care as long as needed for further guidance if they choose.

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Client Love

“I was experiencing some pelvic pain after I delivered my daughter via c-section. I thought it would go away on its own with time. However, 5 months postpartum & I was still having pain. I decided to look for a pelvic floor PT. I met with Camille & followed her instructions and am happy to say I am now pain free! She gave me instructions that were specific & tailored to me, my lifestyle, & my body that had me feeling & experiencing life pain free again in no time!

“Indy Women PT helped me gain the confidence to start exercising again after baby #2. We started with stretches and worked up to a personalized exercise routine that I can do at home or the gym! Camille helped me set goals, achieve them, and gave me workouts to continue to do post PT. I went in for diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles) and not only healed but learned how to take care of my body going forward. She is a wealth of knowledge and she empowers her patients to live their best.

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