Welcome to my first official blog! This first blog is dedicated to all the moms out there! I hope to make a real difference in your lives and hope you find the info empowering in order to make the right decisions for YOU in your health journey!

With that being said…drum roll please…I am excited to be launching a program called Postpartum Power Up…


We’re officially going “below and beyond” and want you to join us!

On behalf of all you ladies who had a baby last month, last year or even ten + years ago, we are here to rattle some cages! We have had enough with women not getting the care they need after having a baby, and are here to start a revolution!

Think about what women go through when having a baby…. women carry a baby for 9 months…. their abdominal muscles are stretched out the wazoo, the pelvic floor or vaginal  muscles take a beating with all the pressure of the baby, not to mention trauma of delivery. Muscles are weakened and less support is given to our bladder and other internal organs. Scar tissue can effect mobility such as from C-sections, or maybe tearing along the vaginal opening has left painful scars.

Unless these issues have been treated, your body has never had a chance to fully recover, leaving you at risk…

Can you relate to any of the following…

  • Do you experience painful intercourse?
  • When you sneeze you leak a few drops but tell yourself it’s no big deal?
  • Have a noticeable gap in your abdominals or doming when exercising and want to learn exercises to “fix it?”
  • Want to know the right exercises so you can reduce the “baby pooch.”
  • Have been told you have a pelvic organ prolapse and now you are scared to exercise, or not sure what’s OK to even do?
  • Want to get back to your normal routine of exercise, but so much conflicting advice out there makes it confusing…….and sounds so restrictive……
  • Having episodes of low back or pelvic pain that is interfering with your activity level

“Going below” does refer to the pelvic floor or vagina muscles, and the importance of including them with both exercise and day to day activities during the postpartum recovery.

However true and complete recovery involves so much more than just “kegels.”

This is where we want to go “beyond” by talking about more than just getting back in your skinny jeans! It’s important to know the importance of nutrition in the recovery process, along with posture, breathing techniques and important body mechanics that do not worsen a diastasis recti (abdominal separation) or increase any existing pain.

Progression of exercises is so important, and not jumping back into strenuous exercise routines too early after having a baby is imperative to the recovery process. 


You may see a number of “new mom exercise groups” or “boot camps” that are offered in the community. While their intention is great with wanting to help new moms return to exercise, in most cases these groups do not evaluate or consider conditions such as diastasis recti, any current pain issues, pelvic organ prolapse or a weak pelvic floor which may be resulting in leakage.

As a result exercises such as sit ups, planks and burpees may be encouraged when women are simply not ready for that strenuous type exercise. This can result in increased pain, worsening in symptoms related to a diastasis recti and increased abdominal pressure downward through the pelvic floor muscles, adding more pressure on an existing prolapse while promoting leakage through a weak pelvic floor.

We want to empower women up with the education needed to help them make informed choices about their body while helping them return to what they love safely.

The postpartum population is one of the most underserved in the health community, hands down!

Did you know that in France women are automatically referred for physical therapy to addresses their pelvic floor after giving birth? They are seen normally between 10-20 visits, and are given extensive care to address any pain issues as well as strengthening exercises.

Compare that with here in the U.S. Women are examined at the 6 week checkup after baby, and unless have anything seriously wrong, are given the OK to resume intercourse and exercise. Never mind there may be painful scars from tearing along the perineal wall (the area of the skin between the vagina and rectum), or a scar from a c-section, or presence of a prolapse which may or may not be mentioned by the doctor.

If you’re lucky the doctor may remind you to do your “kegels” but without any real guidance. So you are left on your own to figure it all out.

Moms we are here for you! We want to make this transition between having baby and getting your life back as smooth as possible!

After all the years I have been treating clients as a women’s health physical therapist, it still amazes me to hear them say “If only I knew about help earlier” or “why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” There is no excuse why women who experience painful intercourse, leakage with exercise, pelvic pain and discomfort with pelvic organ prolapse are simply not told there is help available!  Or worse yet, made to believe symptoms are a “normal” way of life, not so!!

There is also this “gap” that needs to be filled between having a baby and getting back to your routine. During the years I worked for a major hospital system I always knew this gap existed!  I would see someone for pain issues, see them maybe 5-8 times pending insurance approval, help get them better, and off they went, never in most cases to be seen again. Maybe they were a runner that wanted to get back to running, or enjoyed working out at a gym, but because insurance only covers so many visits, or they had met their original goals, treatment came to a halt before they reached their full potential.

So therefore the POSTPARTUM POWER UP REVOLUTION MUST START! Let’s bridge this gap and help bring awareness to all moms out there, no matter how long ago you had your babies, it’s never too late! Click here to find out more.

 I will be around different venues in Indianapolis taking to moms about the challenges that DO NOT have to be faced alone! If any of you out there would like me to come talk to any groups you may be a part of I would love to do so!

If anyone would like to set up a free phone consultation, please email me at camille@indywomenpt.com or call me at 317-689-0073

Be looking for more blogs, where I will be discussing more of these topics in detail…..


Cheers to us ladies!!