Pelvic Pain

Many have never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy. The top question I hear is “Why didn’t anyone tell me there was help available?’ We understand the frustration you feel and are here to listen and help you get the care you need.


Pelvic floor disorders are very common and are estimated to affect at least a third of all women

You Are Not Alone

Many women who experience pelvic pain feel alone and think they are the only ones going through it. However pelvic floor disorders are very common and are estimated to affect at least a third of all women.

Unfortunately, pelvic pain conditions may in some cases go untreated for years. Many women may not feel comfortable discussing certain issues with their doctor. In cases when they do discuss it, the doctor may refer them to other specialists, and often are passed around from doctor to doctor without any true diagnosis. Women sometimes feel they are never truly heard when discussing their issues.

Pelvic Pain Support

Pelvic pain can occur for a number of reasons:

Tight or weak muscles from possible posture imbalances overtime

History of Endometriosis or Interstitial Cystitis

Scars from past surgeries or c-sections

Nerve irritation from the back or locally around the pelvic area

Result of pregnancy and or while delivering a baby

Trauma as from falling on your tailbone or other direct injury.

Sometimes there can be no specific cause such as with painful sex.

The pain can be felt in your lower back, thighs, abdomen, genital region, pubic area, groin, tailbone or butt. The pain can be local or radiate to other parts of the body. Pain that starts out as more muscular related can in time affect other body parts in the area. An irritation or pain involving the muscles or nerves in the pelvis can cause a dysfunction involving the bladder, bowel or sexual disorder, and vice versa.  

For example pain in the pelvic floor after having a baby can lead to painful intercourse. Interstitial cystitis is pain that is produced by inflammatory changes in the bladder, which in turn can cause pain in the lower abdomen or vagina.  Scar tissue can sometimes reproduce pelvic pain or even feelings of urgency to void.  These are just a few examples of how one dysfunction can affect something else.

Symptoms We Treat

  • Low Back/Sacroiliac dysfunction
  • Piriformis syndrome pain along the butt which may spread down the back of the leg
  • Spasm of the hip flexor muscle that may cause lower abdominal pain
  • Pudendal Neuralgia-Pain with sitting/pain during intercourse
  • Groin or Pubic Pain
  • Levator Ani Syndrome-Pain or pressure in the sacrum, coccyx or tailbone, vagina or rectum. Pain can increase with intercourse, sitting, having a bowel movement and constipation.
  • Vaginismus-This is difficulty to have intercourse or use a tampon due to the pelvic floor muscles contracting preventing entry into the vagina
  • Painful intercourse– also known as Dyspareunia
  • Vulvodynia/Vulvar Vestibulitis-Pain along the vaginal opening, can feel like a burning pain or itching
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Endometriosis
  • Incontinence
  • Constipation
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Urinary hesitancy or painful urination
  • Lower Abdominal Pain
  • Painful or adherent scar
  • Episodes of severe rectal pain-also known as Proctalgia Fugax
  • Tailbone pain or coccydynia

Painful Intercourse Support

Painful intercourse is something that women may live with for a number of years. This can start at a young age and include difficulty inserting tampons or pain during your annual pap smear. If you have suffered with this for a long time, or maybe you are a newlywed and have just discovered it, you may have something called Vaginismus. 

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Our Goal

Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the evaluation and treatment sessions. We understand the sensitivity to the issues we are treating and want you to know that you always have a voice in our treatment plan. We hope that when you are discharged from therapy that not only will you leave with less pain, but also feel more empowered over your diagnosis along with the ability to help manage it.

First Appointment

During the first appointment at Indy Women PT a complete medical history will be taken along with a review of current symptoms.  After taking the history, the physical therapist will then perform a thorough external and internal musculoskeletal examination. You are welcome to bring a second person with you into the examination room during the examination and subsequent treatments. We will discuss the physical findings and together will set up a plan of care with your personal goals in mind.


  • Manual therapy both internal and external to address any tight muscles or spasms. Scar tissue massage may be helpful with recent or past surgeries such as c-section scars or episiotomies.
  • An internal exam either vaginally or rectally to assess for muscle tone, strength and any pain.
  • Biofeedback to help cue isolation of the pelvic floor muscles or as a tool to help the muscles learn to relax again
  • Electrical stimulation for pain control, deferring urgency or to facilitate pelvic floor muscle strength.
  • Exercises to strengthen stretched or weakened muscles/stretches to help increase flexibility
  • Home education program including both exercise and the education to help manage your symptoms at home as needed

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Client Love

“I was really nervous to make my first appointment at Indy Women PT, because I had been having pain with intercourse for years. I was a little embarrassed that I had waited so long. I am so glad I did! Between therapy, at home exercises and vaginal stretching, I was able to have sex without pain for the first time in years! To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement!”

“I suffered with pelvic pain for 15+ years with no explanation other than it was “in my head” or a result of endometriosis. I finally went to an ob-gyn that sent me to physical therapy. There I met Camille who was so knowledgeable, compassionate and gentle. She made me realize I was normal and that I could be helped. Just 2 months later I was pain free! It’s amazing that something so simple was able to take away years of pain. I’m so thankful!”

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