Indy Women Physical Therapy is all about helping women take back control. Issues such as leakage, painful intercourse or just returning back to exercise or life in general after having a baby can be very real challenges for women to overcome. Unfortunately, women can be ignored and dismissed by their health care providers and left trying to figure things out on their own with little, if any, support. That’s where we come in. Indy Women Physical Therapy has cared for and successfully treated:

  • Women wondering if they will be able to have sex again with their partners after years of struggling, to be told by their doctor to just “have a glass of wine before sex.”
  • Women who feel their bodies are “broken” after being diagnosed with a prolapse, who just want to learn ways to return to their favorite activities safely.
  • Moms who are peeing their pants just trying to keep up with their kids to be told by their doctor “you’ve had kids it’s normal to leak, maybe you can look into surgery.”
  • The woman who is afraid to walk around her neighborhood for fear she may run into a neighbor after having an “accident.”
  • The new mom that wants to return to exercise after having a baby, but is told she has a diastasis recti and becomes scared of doing anything now for fear of making it worse. 
  • The woman that says “why didn’t anyone ever tell me help was available” when she has to undergo surgery to correct a prolapse, after years of a very physical job that involved a lot of lifting.

Our Location

Indy Women Physical Therapy is located in the beautiful Fitness by Design building located at 1355 W. 96th St. in Indianapolis, at the corner of 96th and Ditch road. Fitness by Design is a very spacious personal training-only facility, so it is not your typical crowded fitness gym experience.
Treatments are provided in a private exam room, then will be extended out into the gym with guided exercises to help you reach your goals. This can include:

  • Weight lifting progressions
  • Incorporating small weights and/or resistance work with bands
  • Plyometric activities to return back to activities such as running
  • HITT type workouts to include cardio with resistance work
  • Pilates-based exercises, include using a Pilates reformer

Exercises will be emailed to you after each session to help you carry over the exercises with whatever equipment you have at home. In most cases, you will receive a resistance band to take home with you to help get you started.  
Exercises are always individualized based on patient symptoms and advanced appropriately.

I Know Your Issues Because They Were MY Issues

As a mom of 2 boys I understand the frustrations women experience. I myself was diagnosed with a prolapse after my second child, not by my OB/GYN but another pelvic floor Physical Therapist. These issues are very personal and impact women’s lives. This is why I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else!

Meet Camille 

A little about me—I received my master’s degree in physical therapy from Loma Linda University in 2002, and in 2010 completed my post-doctoral degree in physical therapy from Des Moines University.

I started Indy Women Physical Therapy in 2016 after working 8 years in a major hospital setting in Indianapolis where I was able to specialize in women’s health. I have attended several continuing education courses with the women’s health section of the American Physical Therapy Association where I was able to obtain both certificates of achievement in pelvic physical therapy and pregnancy/postpartum. I have been recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as a board certified women’s health clinical specialist. Over the years I have also enjoyed working with cancer survivors including being an instructor for the Pink Ribbon Program. I am also a certified Lymphedema therapist with Klose training.

In order to further help my postpartum female athletes safely return to their sports, I have also taken courses with Julie Wiebe, PT who has done extensive research with pelvic floor dysfunction and female athletes as well as Antony Lo, PT who is known to work with female CrossFit athletes. I have also obtained my Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach certification through Brianna Battles, who is a huge advocate for the safe return of postpartum athletes to their sport after having their babies.

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Client Love

“I came to see Camille with tailbone pain due to sitting long hours for work, as well as pelvic floor pain. I have not had children, so I was hoping there’d be some relief and that this type of therapy would still work for me. Camille treated the various trigger points, and educated me on pelvic floor health and wellness. She gave me profound resources to do at home, and was wonderful at listening to my concerns and validating my experience. After a handful of sessions and following the at-home treatment she laid out for me, I am now pain free. If I ever have a flare up again, or a baby in the future (as pelvic floor therapy should be given to all women postpartum), I’ll be definitely coming back here.”

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